MappingFor Rights Update 2.3: Radical change of approach needed in Tumba Lediima

The expansion of mapping work in Equateur province has provided further evidence that customary claims spread across the entire, controversial, Tumba Lediima Reserve. Created in 2006, the protected area has been the subject of conflicts with local communities over access to forest resources, including numerous reported human rights abuses by eco-guards. The reserve is currently undergoing a revision of its boundaries and management plans following the allocation of logging concessions within the existing limits – but communities maintain that this has been a far from an inclusive or transparent process. They are calling for a radical change of approach which recognises their rights as traditional land owners and guardians of the forest. A meeting between communities, the protected areas’ authority ICCN, and WWF, resulted in a statement committing to address these concerns, but as yet there has been little or no change on the ground.

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