News Round Up: January 15 – 28, 2015

Indigenous People Explore Many Shades Of REDD – January 15, 2015 

Indigenous people have long been the most effective guardians of the rainforest, but confronted with growing global pressures to clear their lands, how will they find the resources needed to protect their forests and thrive? In this series, we will explore the new emerging mechanism known as “Indigenous REDD” and see how it draws on and contrasts with forest-carbon projects that exist to date

Leaked Report Says World Bank Violated its Own Rules in Ethiopia  – January 23, 2015

The World Bank repeatedly violated its own rules while funding a development initiative in Ethiopia that has been dogged by complaints that it sponsored forced evictions of thousands of indigenous people, according to a leaked report by a watchdog panel at the bank.

Financial pledges for REDD+ slow to be disbursed, finds report – January 27, 2015

Only a small fraction of the $7.3 billion pledged under the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) program has actually been disbursed, find a new report that tracked REDD+ finance in seven countries.

Landscape management ‘key to Africa’s agriculture’ – January 28, 2015

Africa needs innovative, sustainable and integrated landscape management  to address challenges of  food security, environmental conservation and climate change, an international meeting has heard.