News Round-up February 2 – 15, 2015

wordsSupply Chain Policies Need Work to Save Forests – Think Tank – February 12, 2015

Governments, companies and investors still have significant work to do if they are to stop global supply chains causing deforestation and worsening climate change, a tropical forest think tank said on Wednesday.

Illegal Logging Still a Big Issue In Cameroon – February 13, 2015

Corruption, monitoring difficulties, and lack of political will are contributing to high levels of illegal logging in the country.

 Drones will scan Amazon rainforest in search of environmental impact by ancient civilisations – February 16, 2015

Drones are set to be used to discover how ancient civilisations in the Amazon used and transformed the land in order to create a sustainable future.

REDD+ to the rescue of Central Africa’s forests? Not yet, study says – February 16, 2015

Enforcing sustainable logging and assigning a monetary value to the carbon stored in forest concessions managed under the REDD+ mechanism will not be enough to curb deforestation in Central Africa.