Event Webinar: Parks, People and Rights: Towards Sustainable Conservation in Africa

Join us on Wednesday 4th May at 18:00 via live, video webinar for a discussion about Africa’s protected areas in the Congo Basin. The Rainforest Foundation UK, in collaboration with SOAS, University of London will explore whether conservation in Africa’s rainforests is being effective for both the biodiversity they aim to protect and the people who call them home. Click on the link below to register.


To be sustainable, nature conservation must also support the rights, livelihoods and cultures of local communities. International organisations recognise this, but have these good intentions been reflected in efforts to protect Africa’s rainforests?

A group of experts will discuss the evidence that conservation in the Congo Basin region of Africa has failed to recognise basic human rights, undermined poor people’s livelihoods, and caused widespread conflict with local communities. The effectiveness of current protected areas and conservation policy will be considered, and the debate will question whether a new conservation paradigm is needed to protect both forests and peoples’ rights.



  • Prof. Rosaleen Duffy, Professor in the Political Ecology of Development, SOAS
  • Simon Counsell, Executive Director, Rainforest Foundation UK
  • Samuel Nguiffo, Secretary General, Centre for Environment and Development, Cameroon
  • Hanson Njiforti, Cameroon Country Director, WWF Africa


  • Prof. Dan Brockington, Director, The Sheffield Institute for International Development, author of ‘Fortress Conservation’ and ‘Nature Unbound’



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