Film: Ndima – Mapping Our Future

RFUK and MEFP, in collaboration with film maker Luis Leitao, have launched a new film on how the BaAka in the Central African rainforests are making their voices heard through participatory mapping.

In order to raise awareness of the problems faced by indigenous forest communities in the Congo Basin, and the role that participatory mapping can play in resolving these, RFUK and Central African NGO Maison de l’Enfant et de la Femme Pygmées (MEFP) have produced a 30-minute film entitled ‘Ndima – Mapping our Future’. ‘Ndima’ which means “forest” in BaAka follows the story of how local indigenous BaAka communities in the Central African Republic have used mapping to support their claims to their traditional lands in the face of growing pressures from outside forces. The film highlights one case of a conflict with a protected area.

The film is targeted at a general public audience in both the “north” and the Congo Basin – but also raises important questions for policy makers about the needs and potential role of these original custodians of the forest in wider conservation efforts.

The film can be viewed here.