From the field – Industrial Logging: unsuccessful development model for forest communities in the Congo


Is industrial logging a successful development model for rainforest countries? Is it effective in combating poverty and strengthening local communities’ livelihoods? The reality on the ground in areas where timber exploitation takes place suggests otherwise.

An impoverished forest ecosystem, polluted or depleted sources of water, diminished livelihoods, increased illness and malnutrition and completely inadequate compensation: these are some of the consequences of industrial logging for local forest communities in the Congo Basin. Reiner Tegtmeyer, Forest Campaigner at Global Witness, explains the results of his field investigations in Cameroon and DRC, where industrial logging has clearly failed to foster social and economic development.

Also on this video, two community chiefs from DRC relate their own experiences with logging companies operating on their lands. The meagre benefits they receive from industrial logging do not even begin to compensate the loss of forest resources and the violation of their rights.